Welcome!  You have joined a relatively small group of Americans that enjoy the privilege and freedom of flight.  Whether you’re a student pilot with your first introductory flight under your belt, or a recently minted private pilot, joining an aviation community will provide you with a great support network and resources to help you achieve your aviation goals, and get the most value and utility from your certificate.

Here are some great options to join a group of aviators:

1.  Be an airport bum!  If you’ve got the time, hang out at the airport.  Introduce yourself to everyone you meet.  You’ll find that airport folks, from pilots, to mechanics to line personnel all have a passion for aviation and will enjoy chatting with you.  You’ll make lots of connections that can turn into great aviation relationships.

2.  Join your local Experimental Aviation Chapter. EAA chapters are part social club, part community supporter, part technical library.  Chapters are a great way to meet fellow aviators that can answer any questions, they’ve all been there, done that, and they are all supportive of your aviation goals.  Check out one today: EAA Chapter Locator

3.  Join a flying club.  AOPA is starting to build a network of the 650 flying clubs throughout the US.  Flying clubs are a great opportunity to keep the cost of aviation low, as well as network and fly with fellow aviators.  Check to see if there is a club at your airport – Flying Club Finder.  If not, considering starting a club at your local airport.

4.  Attend FAA Safety Seminars.  Safety seminars usually 1-3 hours lectures and discussion with fellow pilots, instructors and industry experts on aviation and safety related topics.  They’ll also count for WINGS credit which can be used to renew your flight review.  You can sign up to be notified about future seminars in your area at the FAA Safety Seminars page.


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