Flight Review Prep

Attached is the checklist that I use for the flight review.   We’ll spend about an hour on the ground reviewing part 91 procedures and risk, and about 1.5 flying a short cross country, as well as performing maneuvers and some simulated instrument flight.

To prepare for the review:

  • Please complete page 5, Pilot’s Aeronautical History, and send to me prior, or bring to the review.
  • Review the material in the Part 91 ground Review Assignment (page 2 and 3) using the recommended FAA WINGS Flight Review Guide (which counts for WINGS as 1 Basic Credit for Basic Knowledge Topic 3.  You can access this guide at www.faasafety.gov, login as or register, and then search for this course under ‘Courses’.  This direct link may also work for you: https://www.faasafety.gov/gslac/ALC/course_content.aspx?cID=25
  • Plan a short cross-country flight to a tower-controlled field using the flight planning tools you are most comfortable that addresses these planning considerations:
  •  Weight and balance for the flight – I weigh 190 with gear.
  •  Takeoff and landing distance for the initial departure field and the tower controlled field
  •  Headings, Distance en route, time, fuel burn for the flight
  •  Runway lengths, field elevation, traffic pattern altitude for both airport
  •  Airport and ATC frequencies
  •  Checks for weather, NOTAMs and TFRs

Also during the flight review, you will perform these maneuvers, which will also give you two WINGS flight activity credits.

Flight Topic 2 – A070405-08 – ASEL-Slow Flight, Stall, Basic Instruments (Pvt, Comm’l, ATP)

  1. Area of Operation VIII, Task A: Maneuvering During Slow Flight
  2. Area of Operation VIII, Task B: Power-Off Stalls
  3. Area of Operation VIII, Task C: Power-On Stalls
  4. Area of Operation IX, Task A: Basic Instrument Maneuvers, Straight-and-Level Flight
  5. Area of Operation IX, Task D: Basic Instrument Maneuvers, Turns to Headings
  6. Area of Operation IX, Task E: Recovery from Unusual Flight Attitudes

Flight Topic 3 – A100125-07 – ASEL-Airport Operations (Pvt, Comm’l, ATP)

  1. Area of Operation II, Task A: Preflight Inspection
  2. Area of Operation II, Task D: Taxiing
  3. Area of Operation III, Task A: Radio Communications and ATC Light Signals
  4. Area of Operation III, Task B: Traffic Patterns
  5. Area of Operation III, Task C: Airport, Runway, and Taxiway Signs, Markings, and Lighting
  6. Area of Operation IV, Task E: Short-Field Takeoff and Maximum Performance Climb

For your flight review, we need to allocate at least 3 hours; an hour for the ground review, time to preflight and get going, and then a little over an hour for the flight. If we determine from the review that additional flight training is needed, we can discuss that at that time.

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