As part of my goal to help pilots realize the value and utility of their certificate, I have been experimenting with putting two pilots, an airplane and myself and a fantastic day of flying – an aviation adventure.  The first of these trips was to the San Francisco Bay area.

John V. and Michael H. joined me in a Cessna 172 SP on a bright, but cold, December Monday.  The Sacramento Valley was covered in light tulle fog, which provided the opportunity for Michael to shoot a few instrument approaches into Sacramento Executive airport (KSAC).

Then we departed for a full stop at Napa County (KAPC), where John and Mike switched seats; then the visuals got really good.

First, over the Golden Gate bridge at about 1500 AGL.Golden Gate

Next, we followed the peninusla coast line south, providing a great shot of the Cliff House restaurant perched prominantly.

Cliff House 2

Time for lunch! Full stop a Half Moon Bay (KHAF) for lunch at the Three-Zero Cafe.


After lunch, we ventured into the bay, providing some great shots of the bridges and downtown San Francisco.

Golden Gate 3City3

After a quick stop at San Carlos (KSQL), we flew across the bay, overflying Oakland International (KOAK)


Another quick stop at Concord Buchanan (KCCR) and another pilot change, we headed home back to Placerville (KPVF).

A very, very satisfying day!


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