Our next aviation adventure trip was to the Sierra!  John R. and Michael H. joined me in a Cessna 172 SP for a whirlwind mountain adventure.

We departed Placerville on a gorgeous, bluebird January Monday.  We flew north to the Blue Canyon Nyack airport, and then flew along I-80 up to Truckee.
I-80 2
What a temperature change!  We had 50 degrees at Placerville, and about 20 degress at Truckee – break out the gloves and scarves!
Truckee Posed
We were feeling a bit hungry, so we filled up on breakfast sandwiches and coffee at the Red Truck cafe, which is located in the well-appointed terminal.
Breakfast at Truckee
Next, was a quick 25 NM hop over to Reno-Stead airport, home of the Reno Air Races.  John R. is pointing towards the spectators’ stands, and the old control tower from Stead’s former days as an Air Force base, is just behind my right shoulder.
Stead Posed
We walked the ramp at Stead, speaking to the builder and pilot of a homebuilt single-seat helicopter that was turbine powered!  I came across a unique example of airframe icing!

that's some icing
Alright, back in the air.  Michael H. executed an instrument approach into Reno International (KRNO) and then we were headed south to Minden (KMEV).
Sierra 2
At Minden we enjoyed lunch at the Tail Dragger Café – their specials usually revolve around Mexican-themed
plates.  After lunch, we walked next door to Flying Start Aero and spent some time flying their full-motion Redbird FMX simulator.
Redbird Exterior
John R. spent some time flying the steam gauge Cessna 172 in visual conditions and Michael H. flew a G1000 Cessna 182 in instrument conditions.  And apparently, I just looked silly sitting in the instructor chair.Dustin in the Redbird
The flight home included a full stop and taxi back at South Lake Tahoe airport (KTVL), with some amazing views of the lake and the Sierra at Tahoe resort.
Lake Tahoe
Another very satisfying day.  Where will we visit next?


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